Fractal Encounters


Gallery Sample
Galleries 1 - 5
(171 images - using FractInt - 1998/99)

Gallery Sample
Galleries 6 - 25 
(773 images - using UltraFractal - 1999/2000 )

Gallery Sample
Galleries 26 - 33 
(382 images - using UltraFractal - 2000 )

Gallery Sample
Gallery 34 
(64 images - using UltraFractal - posted 2000/11/01 )

Gallery Sample
Gallery 35 
(32 images - using UltraFractal - posted 2001/01/07 )

Gallery Sample
Gallery 36 
(26 images - using UltraFractal - posted 2001/03/02 )

Gallery Sample
Gallery 37 
(52 images - using UltraFractal - posted 2001/04/01 & 2001/05/08 & 2001/06/05)

Gallery Sample
Gallery 38 
(72 images - using UltraFractal - posted 2001/08/16) 

Gallery Sample
Gallery 39 
(45 images - using UltraFractal - posted 2001/07/17)

Gallery Sample
Gallery 40 
(27 images - using UltraFractal - posted 2001/10/02)

Gallery Sample
Gallery of Fractal Collages
RSACi rated

Gallery Sample
Gallery of Plain Quaternions 
(6 3D images - using Quat 0.92 - posted 1999/07/31)


Gallery Sample
Matrix Gallery 1 
(24 images of Matrices- using UltraFractal - posted 2000/02/15 )

Gallery Sample
Matrix Gallery 2 
(45 images of Matrices- using UltraFractal - posted 2000/02/26 )


Fractal Image Count: 1.719 =
171 FractInt + 1.552 UF + 6 Quat 0.92


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October 2001

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Associations by Zelda Workman
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Download Area for Formulas & Parameters
& Free Screensavers & WinAmp Skins

Contest Entries
Various Fractal Art Contests - since 1999

Free Backgrounds Derived from Fractal Images

All fractal midi sounds and images on these pages (except perhaps some images in the Matrix Galleries) are essentially based on the function:

(exp(z) - 1)/z for |z| > 0.

Simple arithmetic powers are used for quaternionic Julia sets made using Quat 0.92 and some images of Matrix algebras. So far the image generating algorithms are derived from the functions above when defined properly in the algebras of complex numbers, complex 2x2 matrices or real Quaternions.

The quality of the JPEG images here is in general reduced to 90% to save space; so to see all fascinating details you have to rebuild the images ....

These images are presented here for your personal pleasure only and may not be used on the web or elsewhere without my prior written permission and reference to the source
If not already presented in the download area parameters for FractInt ( or UltraFractal as long as no integer arithmetics were used) to generate these pictures are available on request.
An actual collection of formulas for UF 2.0 - in the sense of fractal types, colouring schemes or geometrical transformations - can be found here.

© 1998-2001 by G.W.F. Albrecht.
All rights reserved.


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Hardly anything else is more neutral
- in the sense of ideology or religion -
than Mathematics and especially Fractals.
Therefore I'm watching indulgently the foolish courting of Chaos Theory and Fractals by some esoteric movements.

If you feel comfortable with Mathematics
- especially Functional Analysis -
if you like to think and want to know why I'm stuck to this function
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