Proceedings Contents

FLINS 2008 proceedings will be edited as a book by World Scientific under the title

Computational Intelligence in Decision and Control

(D. Ruan, J. Montero, J. Lu, L. Martínez, P. D'hondt and E.E. Kerre, eds.)


Foreword by D. Ruan


What is Soft Computing? Revisiting possible answers

L. Magdalena

Combining evidence in multivariate data spaces

H. Wang, J. Liu

Improving algorithm Apriori for data mining

Z. Zhang, L. Zhang, S.C. Zhong, J. Guan

Object-oriented interactive access to JET database

E. Giovannozzi, JET-EFDA Contributors

Applications of neural networks for free unfolding of experimental data from fusion neutron spectrometers

E. Ronchi, S. Conroy, E.A. Sunden, G. Ericsson, M.G. Johnson, C. Hellesen, H. Sjostrand, M. Weiszflog, JET-EFDA Contributors

Integrated data analysis for nuclear fusion

R. Fischer, A. Dinklage

Advanced methods for analysis of plasma diagnostics data

A.A. Lukianitsa, F.S. Zaitsev

Sales forecasting for a Turkish paint producer: artificial intelligence based methods versus multiple linear regression

A. Ustundag, E. Cevikcan, M.S. Kilinc

Analysis of periodical time series using soft computing methods

V. Novák, M. Stepnicka, I. Perfilieva, V. Pavliska

Forecasting time series of observed distributions with smoothing methods based on the barycentric histogram

J. Arroyo, C. Maté

The response of bullwhip effect to grey and fuzzy grey GM(1,1) forecasting models

H. Tozan, O. Vayvay

Aggregating forecasts to obtain fuzzy demands

Ö. Kabak, F. Ülengin

Swarm intelligence based multivariate polynomial for anchovy catches forecasting

N. Rodríguez, E. Yáñez

Inferential process by morphogenetic system

G. Resconi

Ellipse fitting using Nelder-Mead and differential evolution

L.G. de la Fraga, G. Morales-Luna

A maximum entropy approach for collaborative warning in oceanic data processing

H. Han, Y. Ding, F. Liu

Development of learning systems with data tours techniques for fusion databases

J. Vega, G.A. Rattá, P. Castro, A. Murari, JET-EFDA Contributors

Learning decision rules from uncertain data using rough sets

S. Trabelsi, Z. Elouedi

Information filtering based on Wiki index database

A.V. Smirnov, A.A. Krizhanovsky

Semantic web adoption: online tools for web evaluation and metadata extraction

R. Pedraza-Jiménez, L. Codina, C. Rovira

Rough spatio-temporal topological relationships

A. Bassiri, M.R. Malek, A.A. Alesheikh

New trends on representability of semiorders

E. Induráin

Congruence relations on multilattices

P. Cordero, G. Gutiérrez, J. Martínez, M. Ojeda-Aciego, I. de las Peñas

An algorithm to compute the transitive closure, a transitive approximation and a transitive opening of a proximity

L. Garmendia, R. González, J. Recasens

Fuzzy semi-equivalent relation

M. Zhang, Y. Zhang

Computing a T-transitive opening of a proximity

L. Garmendia, A. Salvador, J. Montero

Fuzzy logic models in a category of sets with similarities

J. Mockor

Concept similarity in multirelational application ontologies

X. Wang, Y. Zhao, W.A. Halang

Data integration algorithm for data warehousing based on ontologies metadata

A. Salguero, F. Araque, C. Delgado

Historical reflections on perceptual computing

J.M. Mendel



Why do fuzzy representations need a careful design?

E. Trillas

Tautology theory in propositional fuzzy logic based on Lukasiewicz implication algebra on [0,1]

X. Pan, K. Xu, X. Li, J. Lai, Y. Xu

Reasoning rules of linguistic truth values lattice-valued first order logic with generalized quantifiers based on linguistic truth-valued lattice implication algebra (L-LIA)

J. Lai, Y. Xu, X. Pan, Z. Chang, K. Xu, X. Li

Towards fuzzy interval orders

S. Díaz, S. Montes, B. De Baets

Interval-valued linguistic variables

C. Alcalde, A. Burusco, R. Fuentes-González

Pseudo-chain completeness of formal interval-valued fuzzy logic

B. Van Gasse, C. Cornelis, G. Deschrijver, E.E. Kerre

Some recent results on Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces

F.G. Lupiáñez

Similarity based on mutual support in mass assignment linked intuitionistic fuzzy sets

C.J. Hinde, R.S. Patching, S.A. McCoy

Ergodic theorem on intuitionistic fuzzy (IF) sets

P. Mazureková

On the incompatibility between two Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy sets (AIFS)

E. Castiñeira, S. Cubillo, W. Montilla

Measuring contradiction between two Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy sets (AIFS)

C. Torres-Blanc, E. Castiñeira, S. Cubillo

Contrast computing using Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy sets

H. Bustince, E. Barrenechea, M. Pagola, J. Fernández, J. Olagoitia, P. Melo-Pinto, P. Couto

A new approach to ranking alternatives expressed via intuitionistic fuzzy sets

E. Szmidt, J. Kacprzyk

The structure of linguistic truth-valued lattice implication algebra

Z. Chang, Y. Xu, J. Liu, J. Lai

Extension of submeasures on MV-algebras with values in l -groups

A. Michalíková

A restriction level approach to preference modelling

D. Sánchez, M.J. Martín-Bautista, M. Delgado, M.A. Vila

A selection process to deal with incomplete fuzzy preference relations in a 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic approach

F.J. Cabrerizo, S. Alonso, E. Herrera-Viedma, F. Herrera, F. Chiclana

A method of linguistic truth-valued concept lattice for decision-making

L. Yang, Y. Wang, Y. Xu

Muti-valued temporal reasoning framework for decision-making

Z.R. Lu, J. Liu, J.C. Augusto, H. Wang

A comparison between possibility and probability in multiple criteria decision making

A. Iglesias, M.D. del Castillo, M. Santos, J.I. Serrano, J. Oliva

Subjective evaluation using fuzzy targets

H. Yan, V.N. Huynh, Y. Nakamori

A constructive method of the finest splitting of belief set

M. Wu, M. Zhang

Decision making with Dempster-Shafer belief structure using the 2-tuple linguistic representation model

J.M. Merigó, M. Casanovas

Conditional M-probability

P. Mazureková, V. Valencáková

Triangle functions on spaces of distance discrete distribution functions

I. Aguiló, J. Martín, G. Mayor, J. Suñer

Fuzzy process accuracy index as a decision making tool

I. Kaya, C. Kahraman

Study on mixed input attribute computing network model and boundary study algorithm

J. Feng, G. Xu

Process improvement using fuzzy robust process capability indices

C. Kahraman, I. Kaya

Parallel implementation of certain neural network algorithms

B.J. Falkowski

Locally recurrent neural networks for nuclear dynamics modeling

E. Zio, N. Pedroni, M. Broggi, L. Golea

Artificial neural networks for the routing in proactive ad-hoc networks

J. Gutiérrez, M. Santos

Association rules based query evaluation improvement

X.H. Tang, G.Q. Chen, Q. Wei



Knowledge sharing and collaboration in fuzzy processing

W. Pedrycz

Modeling personal perception into user profile for image retrieving

I. El-Zakhem, A.A. Younes, I. Truck, H. Greige, H. Akdag

Fuzzy transform with parametric LU-fuzzy partitions

L. Stefanini

Optimized search strategies to improve structural pattern recognition techniques

A. Pereira, J. Vega, A. Portas, R. Castro, A. Murari, JET-EFDA Contributors

Determining the accuracy in supervised fuzzy classification problems

D. Gómez, J. Montero

A fuzzy clustering algorithm for the classification of non-linear functional behaviors in nuclear reprocessing plants

P. Baraldi, F. Cadini, E. Zio, I.C. Popescu, P. Richir, L. Dechamp, M. Caviglia, Z. Dzbikowicz, G. Janssens-Maenhout

Design of an advanced intelligent instrument with waveform recognition based on the intelligent test and measurement system (ITMS) platform

G. de Arcas, J.M. López, M. Ruiz, E. Barrera, J. Vega, G.A. Rattá, A. Murari

Comparison between classification and regression tree (CART) and fuzzy logic for confinement regime classification at JET

G. Vagliasindi, P. Arena, L. Fortuna, A. Murari, JET-EFDA Contributors

Graph coloring inconsistencies in image segmentation

J. Yáñez, S. Muñoz, J. Montero

Application of orthogonal variant moments to computer vision

J.A. Martín, M. Santos

Integration of human knowledge for automatic tissue classification on medical images

H. Kang, X. Zeng, A. Taleb-Ahmed, A. Pinti

Non-invasive on-line two-phase flow regime identification

T. Tambouratzis, I. Pázsit

Analytic formulation for 3D diffusion tensor

C. Platero, G. Asensio, P. González, M.C. Tobar, J. Sanguino, J.M. Poncela

Knowledge-based multi-attribute classification problems structuring

E.M. Furems

Image fusion on the basis of fuzzy transforms

I. Perfilieva, M. Danková

Aggregating asymmetric distances in Computer Science

G. Mayor, O. Valero

Decision making with distance measures and induced aggregation operators

J.M. Merigó, M. Casanovas

On obtaining majority rules through mixture operators

B. Llamazares, R.A. Marques-Pereira

Reference point method with importance weighted ordered achievements

W. Ogryczak, B. Kozlowski

New approach in obtaining OWA weights for multi criteria decision making

M. Zarghami, F. Szidarovszky

A practical approach to type-1 OWA operation for soft decision making

S.M. Zhou, F. Chiclana, R.I. John, J.M. Garibaldi

The induced linguistic generalized OWA operator

J.M. Merigó, A.M. Gil-Lafuente

Relation between OWA operator of dimension two and Atanassov's operators. Construction

H. Bustince, R. Orduna, J. Fernández, J. Olagoitia, M. Pagola, E. Barrenechea

Aggregation of ordinal information in multi-criteria multi-person decision making based on Choquet integral of Fubini type

J.H. Wang, J. Hao

Sorting alternatives into linguistic classes and their aggregation

J.L. García-Lapresta, M. Martínez-Panero

Linguistic-valued aggregation operators applied to multiple attribute group decision making

X. Li, X. Pan, K. Xu, J. Lai, Y. Xu

A self-organized Chinese word map

Y. Wang, H. Jin, L. Yang

A support vector machine (SVM) based classification approach for early warning systems

G.Q. Zhang, X. Yang, J. Lu

A multi-criteria aggregation approach to software development risk management

G. Büyüközkan, D. Ruan

Fuzzy adjunctions and fuzzy morphological operations based on fuzzy implications

Y. Shi, E.E. Kerre



SCK•CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre research towards a sustainable option

P. D'Hondt

A brief analysis about the basic reduction standards of decision table

D. Weifeng, Y. Li

An approach for induction of decision trees under entropy and characteristic relation based rough sets

T. Li, C. Hu, X. Dong, H. Luo

A kind of decision making approach based on six-element linguistic truth-valued intuitionistic fuzzy propositional logic

L. Zou, F. Sun, K. Xu, L. Yang, Y. Xu

Two-player games with fuzzy entries of the payoff matrix

E. Rakus-Andersson, M. Salomonsson, H. Zettervall

Strategic behaviour, rationality and bargaining power in two-stage games with artificial socially inspired agents

A. López-Paredes, C. Hernández, M. Posada, J. Pajares

Group sorting and ordering multiple criteria alternatives

A. Petrovski

Some consensus measures and their applications in group decision making

J.L. García-Lapresta, D. Pérez-Román

Extended linguistic hierarchies for dealing with multi-granular contexts in decision making

L. Martínez, M. Espinilla, L.G. Pérez, J. Liu

The use of different norms in the TOPSIS decision making method

E.H. Cables, M.S. García-Cascales, M.T. Lamata

A statistical multicriteria decision aiding technique

P.L. Kunsch

Changes of the solution set by adding objectives to multicriteria optimization problems

A.B. Malinowska

A new fuzzy real options valuation model: its application to multicriteria R&D project selection

A.Ç. Tolga, C. Kahraman

Waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) treatment strategies' evaluation using fuzzy linear programming for multidimensional analysis of preference (LINMAP) method

I. Bereketli, M.E. Genevois, Y.E. Albayrak, M. Özyol

Risk analysis of disaster loss based on maximum entropy principle

L. Feng, L. Ma

Severe grassland fire disaster risk analysis using information diffusion in Northern China

L. Xingpeng, Z. Jiquan, T. Zhijun, C. Weiying

Attribute reduction method for predicting Chinese companie's financial failure risk

X. Song, Y. Ding, Y. Luo

Evaluating the failure risk level of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) project using fuzzy extended analytic hierarchy process (AHP)

H.Z. Ulukan, Y. Kop, E. Ünlüyildiz

Joint Commission International consultant selection for hospitals by fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP)

U. Cebeci

An integrated framework of early warning systems

J. Zhang, J. Lu, G.Q. Zhang

Marine alert processing based on intelligent fusion

M. Qihuang, F. Jiali, S. Chaojian

Evaluation of road safety performance indicators using OWA operators

E. Hermans, D. Ruan, T. Brijs, G. Wets, K. Vanhoof

Neighborhood structures to solve the double traveling salesman problem (TSP) with multiple stacks using local search

A. Felipe, M.T. Ortuño, G. Tirado

Reentrant lines scheduling and Lorenz dominance: a comparative study

F. Dugardin, F. Yalaoui, L. Amodeo

On the fitness of high order schema of a linear-weighted coded genetic algorithm

H. Mo, Z. Li, J.B. Park, Y.H. Joo, X. Li

Genetic algorithm (GA) optimization of the height of a low Earth orbit

F. Alonso, M. Santos

Using genetic algorithms to find multiple optimal solutions for modelling an ultrasonic transducer from noisy experimental data

A. Ruíz, D.K. Anthony, A. Ramos

Hybrid method for solving a layout problem

N. Yalaoui, H. Mahdi, L. Amodeo, F. Yalaoui

Hybrid genetic algorithm based on distance density and quasi-simplex technique

G. Zhang, G.Q. Zhang, H. Xie

GSM churn management by using adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system GENO-ANFIS

A. Karahoca, D. Karahoca



Soft computing applications in prognostics and health management (PHM)

P.P. Bonissone

Developing a decision support system based on fuzzy information axiom

S. Cebi, C. Kahraman

A decision support system for fuzzy bilevel decision making

Y. Gao, G.Q. Zhang, J. Lu, M. Goyal

A shell for rule-based expert systems development using Gröbner bases-based inference engines

E. Roanes-Lozano, A. Hernando, L.M. Laita, E. Roanes-Macías

Implementation of a mobile group decision making support system with incomplete information

S. Alonso, S. Arambourg, F.J. Cabrerizo, E. Herrera-Viedma

Applying a new rule-base inference methodology into clinical decision making

G. Kong, D.L. Xu, J.B. Yang

A fuzzy multi-objective decision support system for nonwoven products experiment design

J. Lu, X. Deng, X. Zeng, P. Vroman, F. Wu, G.Q. Zhang

Selecting intervention strategies for the Ringkøbing Fjord on the basis of decision analyses

A. Jiménez, A. Mateos, S. Ríos-Insua, A. Bryhn

A decision making procedure for designing human resources management

R. de Andrés, J.L. García-Lapresta, M. Jiménez

A decision support tool for humanitarian operations in natural disaster relief

J.T. Rodríguez, B. Vitoriano, J. Montero, A. Omaña

A goal programming model for humanitarian aid distribution

B. Vitoriano, M.T. Ortuño, A.F. Ruiz-Rivas

Hybrid technology for disaster response

A.V. Smirnov, N. Shilov, T. Levashova

A nature-inspired computational approach to discern unhealthy nuclear intentions of nation states

S. Rao

Fuzzy reputation in the ART testbed

J. Carbo, J.M. Molina-López

An adaptive consensus support system for group decision making (GDM) problems with heterogeneous information

F. Mata, L. Martínez, J.C. Martínez, E. Herrera-Viedma

OrieB, a linguistic collaborative recommender system (CRS) for supporting decision making in academic orientation

E.J. Castellano, L. Martínez, P.J. Sánchez

A recommender system to promote collaborative research groups in an academic context

C. Porcel, A.G. López-Herrera, E. Herrera-Viedma

A knowledge based recommender system with multigranular hierarchical linguistic contexts

L. Martínez, M.J. Barranco, L.G. Pérez, M. Espinilla, E.J. Castellano

On a concept of a consensus reaching process support system based on the use of soft computing and web techniques

J. Kacprzyk, S. Zadrozny

Subjective logic-based framework for rating and composition of web services

G. Kolaczek, K. Juszczyszyn

Using structural knowledge in a content-based recommender system

L.M. de Campos, J.M. Fernández-Luna, J.F. Huete, M.A. Rueda-Morales

Getting cold start users connected in a recommender system's trust network

P. Victor, M. De Cock, C. Cornelis, A.M. Teredesai

A user-centric approach to model semantic web services request

G. Fenza, V. Loia, S. Senatore

A linguistic approach for non-functional constraints in a semantic service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment

P. Châtel, I. Truck, J. Malenfant

A linguistic model for citizen participation in electronic government

J.I. Peláez, J.M. Doña, D.L. La Red, C.R. Brys

Web-based social network approach to information fusion

K. Juszczyszyn, G. Kolaczek

The function comparison of substitution and enforcement in human flow affected by website information flow

Z. Lu, S. Wu, R. Han, J. Duan

Evaluation of e-learning web sites using fuzzy axiomatic design with group decision

J. Arsenyan, G. Büyüközkan




New information processing methods for control in magnetically confinement nuclear fusion

A. Murari, J. Vega, G. de Arcas, G. Vagliasindi, JET-EFDA Contributors

A validation tool for component monitoring and condition-based maintenance of heat exchangers in nuclear power plants (NPP)

U. Gocht, M. Wagenknecht, J. Haenel, A. Traichel, M. Wieland

Reconstruction of faulty signals by an ensemble of principal component analysis models optimized by a multi-objective genetic algorithm

P. Baraldi, E. Zio, G. Gola, D. Roverso, M. Hoffmann

Fault classification in nuclear systems based on fuzzy clustering and logic

P. Baraldi, E. Zio, I.C. Popescu

Model based fault diagnosis of a pressurized water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plant using fuzzy inference approach

R. Razavi-Far, H. Davilu, C. Lucas

Adjustment strategy for a dual-fuzzy-neuro controller using genetic algorithms – application to gas-fired water heater

K. Xu, J. Lai, X. Li, X. Pan, Y. Xu

Fuzzy control chart

N. Erginel

Fuzzy regression control chart

S. Sentürk

Asymptotically exact sum of squares stabilization conditions for discrete Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems

J.V. Salcedo, S. García-Nieto, D. Laurí, M. Martínez

Embedded model control and the error loop

J. Ospina, E. Canuto

A mobile monitoring system controlled by computational intelligence techniques

J.S. Benítez-Read, E. Rojas-Ramírez

Fuzzy control system navigation using priority areas

M.A. Olivares, P. Campoy, C. Martínez, J.F. Correa, I. Mondragón

Multiobjective path planner for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) based on genetic algorithms

J.M. de la Cruz-García, E. Besada-Portas, L. de la Torre-Cubillo, B. de Andrés-Toro

A fuzzy logic model for the assessment of crew performance in simulated scenarios

P. Baraldi, E. Zio, M. Librizzi

Internal rate of return of fuzzy cash flows based on pessimistic and optimistic fuzzy-relation approach

E. Bas

Text analysis based on bag neighborhood model and application to incident reports

S. Miyamoto, Y. Kawasaki

Fuzzy logic in real estate valuation

V. López, Á. del Monte, J. Montero

Fuzzy real options valuation for oil investments

C. Kahraman, I. Uçal

An intuitionistic fuzzy analytical network process for parking site selection

S. Saeedi, M.R. Malek, M.R. Delavar, A. Tayyebi

Regions rating for selecting spacecraft landing sites

T.C. Pais, R.A. Ribeiro, Y. Devouassoux, S. Reynaud

Radio frequency identification (RFID) in physical platforms of agents: application in airport management

P. García, A. García, J.M. Pastor

Fuzzy rule based system for the economic analysis of radio frequency identification (RFID) investments

A. Ustundag, M.S. Kilinc, E. Cevikcan

Technology selection for radio frequency identification (RFID) based actions-tracking system using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP)

B. Oztaysi, L. Mich

Multi-criteria wind power plant location selection using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP)

T. Demirel, U. Yalcin

Selection of the most suitable city for a nuclear power plant by using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and fuzzy analytic network process (ANP) methodologies

N.Ç. Demirel, G.N. Yücenur

Influence of the confinement in the particle swarm optimization of combinatorial problems for application to the nuclear reactor fuel reloading

A.A.M. Meneses, R. Schirru

Complementary optimization algorithm for solving the two-level stochastic programming model in electricity market

X. Ma, G. Zhang, F. Wen

A new artificial immune system algorithm for multi objective fuzzy flow shop scheduling: a real world application

C. Kahraman, O. Engin, M.K. Yilmaz

Ship machinery installation based on fuzzy information axiom: the case of compressed air system

S. Cebi, M. Celik

Stereo matching algorithm using interval valued fuzzy similarity

H. Bustince, D. Villanueva, M. Pagola, E. Barrenechea, R. Orduna, J. Fernández, J. Olagoitia, P. Melo-Pinto, P. Couto

Vision based navigation of aerial vehicles based on geo-referenced imagery

F. Samadzadegan, S. Saeedi

Structuring ship design project approval mechanism towards operator-system interfaces via fuzzy axiomatic design principles

S. Cebi, M. Celik, D. Er, C. Kahraman

A fuzzy clustering application in a cellular manufacturing system

H. Behret, C. Kahraman

An expert knowledge based sensor planning system for car headlight lens inspection

S. Satorres, J. Gómez, J. Gámez, A. Sánchez

A fuzzy multi-criteria group decision support system for textile material fabric-hand evaluation

J. Lu, Y. Zhu, X. Zeng, L. Koehl, J. Ma, G.Q. Zhang

Ant colony optimization for assembly lines design problem

H. Chehade, F. Yalaoui, L. Amodeo, P. de Guglielmo

Developing an intelligent system for supporting fashion design decisions

X. Zeng, X. Ge, P. Bruniaux

Online training assessment in virtual reality simulators based on Gaussian Naive Bayes

R.M. de Moraes, L.S. Machado

Web-based voice stress analyser decision support system for e-examination
E.K. Zavadskas, A. Kaklauskas, A. Vlasenko

An approach of optimal control type to model fluids with heat flow

S. Sieniutycz


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Acknowledgement to reviewers