Cuadro de texto: The 8th International FLINS Conference on Computational Intelligence in Decision and Control
Cuadro de texto: FLINS 2008
September 21-24, 2008 (Madrid, Spain)
Cuadro de texto: Call for papers

FLINS, an acronym for Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science, is a well-established international research forum to advance the theory and applications of computational intelligence for applied research in general and for complex engineering and decision support systems in particular. The principal mission of FLINS is bridging the gap between machine intelligence and real complex systems via joint research between Universities and international research institutions, by encouraging interdisciplinary research and bringing multi-discipline researchers together.


FLINS 2008 is the eighth in a series of conferences on applied computacional intelligence. It follows the successful FLINS 1994 (Mol), FLINS 1996 (Mol), FLINS 1998 (Antwerp), FLINS 2000 (Bruges), FLINS 2002 (Gent), FLINS 2004 (Blankenberge) and FLINS 2006 (Genova). FLINS 2008 will be again included in the ISI proceedings as previous ones. Some special issues of SCI indexed journals, such as Knowledge-Based Systems (Elsevier) and the International Journal of General Systems (Taylor & Francis), will be  devoted to a strict refereed selection of extended papers.


Topics of Interest (but not limited): fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms and evolutionary programming, probabilistic computing, hybrid methods, chaos theory, rough set theory, evidence theory, interactive computational models, artificial intelligence and expert systems, and machine learning, as well as their applications to the following domains: decision support systems, process and system control, system identification and modelling, optimization, signal and image processing, pattern recognition, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, systems integration, internet tools, human-machine interface, time series prediction, noise analysis, real time systems, robotics, virtual reality, telecommunications, e-science and technology, data mining, data visualization, intelligent information retrieval, autonomous reasoning, risk analysis and safety related issues.


Submission of papers: researchers are invited to submit a paper up to 6 pages by January 15, 2008. All accepted papers (oral and poster presentations) will be published as a book by World Scientific. If you would like to organize a special session at FLINS 2008, please contact local organizers at


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Cuadro de texto: General Chair: 	D. Ruan (Belgium)
Program Chairs:	E. E. Kerre (Belgium)
		P. D’hondt (Belgium)
Organizing Chair:	J. Montero (Spain)
Program Co-Chairs:	J. Lu (Australia)
		L. Martínez (Spain)

Scientific Program Committee

Plenary speakers:

                 P. Bonissone (USA)

                 W. Pedrycz (Canada)

E. Trillas (Spain)

Important dates:  

                                  - Special session proposal: December 15, 2007

                                  - Paper submission: January 15, 2008

                                  - Acceptance letter: March 15, 2008

                                  - Final paper submission and registration: April 15, 2008    

J. Benítez (Mexico)

Z. Bien (Korea)

P. Bonissone (USA)

H. Bustince (Spain)

O. Castillo (Mexico)

G. Chen (China)

F. Chiclana (UK)

K, Cios (USA)

R. De Moraes (Brazil)

M. De Cock (Belgium)

Y.S. Ding (China)

D. Dubois (France)

L.F. Escudero (Spain)

J.L. García-Lapresta (Spain)

M. Goyal (Australia)

P. Guo (Japan)

M.M. Gupta (Canada)

W. Halang (Germany)

R. Hampel (Germany)

F. Herrera (Spain)

E. Herrera-Viedma (Spain)

J.W. Hines (USA)

R. John (UK)

J. Kacprzyk (Poland)

C. Kahraman (Turkey)

N. Kasabov (New Zealand)

G.J. Klir (USA)

L. Kóczy (Hungary)

T. Li (China)


Z. Li (Germany)

J. Liu (UK)

H. Lu (Australia)

L. Magdalena (Spain)

L. Maguire (UK)

D. Maravall (Spain)

M. Nachtegael (Belgium)

V. Novak (Czech Republic)

T. Onisawa (Japan)

C.M.N.A. Pereira (Brazil)

I. Perfilieva (Czech Republic)

H. Prade (France)

D. Radojevic (Serbia)

G. Resconi (Italy)

D. Roverso (Norway)

E. Szmidt (Poland)

A. Tocatildou (Greece)

I. Truck (France)

A.J. van der Wal (Holland)

P.P. Wang (USA)

Y. Xu (China)

R.R. Yager (USA)

J.B. Yang (UK)

L.A. Zadeh (USA)

S. Zadrozny (Poland)

X. Zeng (France)

H..J. Zimmermann (Germany)

G. Zhang (Australia)

G. Zhou (Singapore)

E. Zio (Italy)