Conference Venue


Although optional Sunday conference tours will depart from the "Ciudad Universitaria" Metro exit, the conference will take place Monday through Wednesday at the Faculty of Mathematics, Complutense University, Madrid (Spain).

Address: Plaza de Ciencias, 3
Ciudad Universitaria
28040 - MADRID


Please print and take with you a copy of the University Map to locate the "Ciudad Universitaria" Metro exit (Sunday afternoon tours departure site), the "Museo del Traje" restaurant (Welcome Reception on Sunday evening) and the Conference site (Maths building, Monday morning). If you are not joining us for any Sunday tour (departures from the "Ciudad Universitaria" Metro exit), but you are willing to join the Welcome Reception at the "Museo del Traje" restaurant, the Metro-Welcome Reception Map can be also useful for you.

Access by Metro:  Acceso a la web del Metro de Madrid to Ciudad Universitaria. See subway map.

 Access by bus: Acceso a la web del Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid G, 82, 132 to Plaza de las Ciencias. See bus map.


Getting FLINS 2008 site by Metro: The Metro is the fastest way of getting around the city. The system consists of 12 different lines.

The Metro runs from 6a.m. to 1:30 a.m., after which travellers have to rely on night-buses (called 'buhos', meaning owl) or taxis.

Information: and TEL. (+34) 915 225 909.

Getting to FLINS 2008 site by Metro, see subway map).

Line 6 (grey line) connects FLINS 2008 site with the rest of Madrid. Get off the underground at 'Ciudad Universitaria', then you can walk along Avenida Complutense street for 10 minutes or you can take a bus. Outside the subway there is a bus stop from where one of the buses: G, U or 82, will take you to the "Plaza de Ciencias" bus stop (see bus map).

At peak hours some lines can be very crowded. Beware of pickpockets!

Getting FLINS 2008 site by Bus: The bus system covers the entire city and outlying areas.

Information:, tel. (+34) 914 068 800

Getting to FLINS 2008 site by Bus: Several lines of the city bus stop at Complutense Campus: G, 82 and 132. Lines G and 82 stop at "Plaza de Ciencias", whereas line 132 only stops at "Ciudad Universitaria". Line U runs all along the Complutense Campus. You can catch it at "Ciudad Universitaria" metro stop and get off at "Plaza de Ciencias". See bus map.

Getting FLINS 2008 site by Taxi: authorized taxis are white with a red crossed band. They can be picked up at hotels and advertised 'taxi' stops, but it is very common to pick them up at the streets. When they are available they display a green light on top and a label with the word 'libre' (free). Official fares must be displayed in the taxi (usually in a sticker in some of the passenger windows). Prices are very reasonable with an initial fare, which changes depending on time, day and distance to city centre (standard initial fare may be close to 2 euros). The charge per kilometre varies rates from 0.65 to 1.00 euros. Some additional fares may be added if the taxi is picked up at the airport or train stations. A taxi from the airport to city center costs around 30-35 EUR, depending on terminal (including supplements). Details about the rates can be found at

The taxi driver must provide a receipt showing NIF (identification number), amount, date, licence number and plate if required.

Taxis operate 24 hours a day but they may be sometime difficult to get late at night. They can also be ordered by phone, even in advance. The main companies are:

Getting to FLINS 2008 site by taxi: Just give the address to the driver ("Facultad de Ciencias Matemáticas, Plaza de las Ciencias 3, Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid 28040").

Walking to FLINS 2008 site: if your hotel is within the Plaza de España, Gran Vía or La Castellana area you can reach at Moncloa in less than half an hour through a lively neighbourhood with numerous shops and interesting modern and classic buildings. If your hotel is within Princesa area you can reach Moncloa in less than 15 minutes. Then, you can walk for 20 more minutes to FLINS 2008 site (look for 'Fac. CC. Matematicas' in walking map and click on it for a closer view). Alternatively, you can take bus (G, 82 and 132, see subway map) or metro (Line 6 to “Ciudad Universitaria”, see bus map), as explained above. Please take with you a printed copy of the University Map to locate main Conference sites at Campus.