Welcome to the V Modelling Week, Madrid 2011.

We are delighted to announce the fifth Modelling Week, which will be held from June 13 to June 21 2011, at the Faculty of Mathematics of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

The V Modelling Week is organized within the Master Program of the Faculty of Mathematics of UCM in cooperation with the Institute of Interdisciplinary Mathematics (IMI), and the Research Group "Mathematical Models in Science and Technology: Development, Analysis, Numerical Simulation & Control" (MOMAT).

The main purpose of the V Modelling Week is to promote the use of mathematical methods and models in research, industry, innovation, and management in the knowledge economy.

The Modelling Week is open to the students of the Master in Mathematical Engineering at UCM, as well as to participants from other mathematically oriented master programs worldwide.

Students will work in small groups on real industrial problems proposed by companies under supervision of one or two qualified instructors. 

The official language of this event is English.