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Enrique Arrondo EstebanEnrique Arrondo Esteban
Position: Profesor titular de universidad (Associate professor)
Department of Algebra, Faculty of Mathematics, UCM (Spain)
Programme MATPUR
e-mail: enrique_arrondo@mat.ucm.es
web: www.mat.ucm.es/~arrondo/

Research interests:

  • Subvarieties of small codimension.
  • Subvarieties of Grassmannians.
  • Vector bundles on projective varieties.

Main recent publications:

  • On the ampleness of the normal bundle of line congruences, with Marina Bertolini and Cristina Turrini, Forum Mathematicum, 23 (2011), 223–244.
  • Schwarzenberger bundles of arbitrary rank on the projective space, Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 82 (2010), 697-716 .
  • On the variety parametrizing completely decomposable polynomials, with Alessandra Bernardi, accepted in Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra.
  • Arrondo, E., Francesco Malaspina. Cohomological Characterization of Vector Bundles on Grassmannians of Lines, Journal of Algebra, 323 (2010), 1098-1106
  • On the stability of the universal quotient bundle restricted to congruences of low degree of G(1,3), with Sofía Cobo, Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Cl. Sci. (5) Vol. IX (2010), 503-522.
  • E. Arrondo : A hand-made Hartshorne-Serre correspondence, Revista Matemática Complutense, 20 (2007), pp. 423-443.
  • E. Arrondo and C. Madonna, Curves and bundles on the quartic threefold, accepted at Journal of the Korean Mathematical Society.
  • E. Arrondo and J. Caravantes, On the Picard group of low-codimension subvarieties, accepted at Indiana University Mathematics Journal.


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