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 Jesús Escribano Martínez


Jesús Escribano Martínez
Position: Profesor contratado doctor

Department of Informatic Systems and Computation, Faculty of Informatics, UCM (Spain)

Programme TID

e-mail: escribano@sip.ucm.es


Research interests:

  • Automatic Proving in Geometry
  • Algorithms in Geometry.
  • Mathematicasl knowledge Coding.

Main recent publications:

  • F. Botana, M.A. Abánades and J. Escribano: Computing locus equations for standard dynamic geometry environments, Lectures Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4488 (2007), 227-234.

  • M.A. Abánades, J. Escribano and F. Botana: First steps on using OpenMath to add proving capabilities to standard dynamic geometry systems, Lectures Notes in Artificial Intelligence, vol. 4573 (2007), 131-145.

  • J. Escribano, F. Botana and M. A. Abánades: Adding Remote Computational Capabilities to Dynamic Geometry Systems, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation. doi:10.1016/j.matcom.2008.04.019



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