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 María Victoria López López


María Victoria López López

Position: Profesor contratado doctor

Department of Computer Architecture and Automatics, Faculty of Informatics, UCM (Spain)

Programme TID

e-mail: vlopez@fdi.ucm.es
web: http://www.mat.ucm.es/~vlopez


Research interests:

  • Fuzzy specification and testing.
  • Decision making.
  • System reliability and performance.

Main recent publications:

  • Specifications and Computing States in Fuzzy Algorithms, V.López, J. Montero, L. Garmendia, G. Resconi, International Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems, Vol. 16 No. 3 pp. 301-336 (2008).

  • Making Decisions on Brain Tumour Diagnosis by Soft Computing Techniques, G. Farias, M. Santos, V. López,. Aceptado en Soft Computing (2009)

  • Formal Specification under Fuzziness. V. López y J. Montero, Journal of Multi-Valued Logia and Soft Computing, Vol.15, pp. 209-228 (2009)

  • Evaluación del Rendimiento de los Sistemas Informáticos, ISBN 978-84-96285-09-5 (2009)



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