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Pilar Romero

Pilar Romero
Position: Profesora titular de universidad (Assistant professor)
Department of Astronomy and Geodesy, Faculty of Mathematics, UCM (Spain)
Programme MODySIM
e-mail: pilar_romero@mat.ucm.es

Research interests:

  • Studies associated to Mars.
  • Geostationary satellites control.
  • Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics.
  • Relativity in Fundamental Astronomy and Space Geodesy.

Main recent publications:

  • P.Romero, R.Antolín. “Low cost airbone laser fly”. Forward Look Mathematics and Industry – Success Stories. European Science Foundation. 2010
  • P. Romero,. J. M. Gambi, E. PatiñoStation keeping manoeuvres for geostationary satellites using feed-back control techniques.Aerospace Science and Technology Vol. 11, n 2-3, pp.229-237 (2007)
  • P. Romero, J.M. Gambi, E. Patiño, R. Antolin. Optimal Station-Keeping for Geostationary Satellites with Electric Propulsion Systems under Eclipse Constrains. Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2006, SERIES: Mathematics in Industry, Springer-Verlag, Vol. 12, pp. 260-265 (2008)
  • P. Romero. Post-Newtonian Covariant Formulation for gravity determination by differential Chronometry. Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation. Series: International Association of Geodesy, Springer-Verlag, Vol. 135,   (2010), DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-10643-7
  • P. Romero, R. Antolin. Temporal patterns of solar eclipses on geostationary satellites. Application to optimal station keeping manoeuvres. Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy  (2110)
  • P. Romero, G. Barderas. Temporal patterns of Phobos eclipses on Mars for position determination of the MetNet Precursor Lander. Icarus (under review)


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