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Jesús M. Ruiz Jesús M. Ruiz Sancho
Position: Catedrático de universidad (Professor)
Department of Geometry and Topology, Faculty of Mathematics, UCM (Spain)
Programme MATPUR
e-mail: jesusr@mat.ucm.es
web: http://ochoa.mat.ucm.es/~jesusr

Research interests:

  • Real algebraic sets and semialgebraic sets.
  • Real analytic sets (and germs) and semianalytic sets (and germs).
  • Semidefinite functions and sums of squares.
  • Nash sets and functions.
  • Real spectra and spaces of signs.

Main recent publications:

  • F. Acquistapace, F. Broglia, J.F. Fernando, J.M. Ruiz, "On the Pythagoras number of real analytic curves". Math. Z. 257, 13-21. 2007


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