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Juan A. Tejada Cazorla Juan A. Tejada Cazorla
Position: Profesor titular de universidad (Associate professor)
Department of Statistics and Operations Research I, Faculty of Mathematics, UCM (Spain)
Programme TID
e-mail: jtejada@mat.ucm.es
web: http://www.mat.ucm.es/deptos/es/profesorado/tejada-juan/juan-tejada.htm

Research interests

  • Game theory and applications

Main recent publications:

  • Flam, S.; Molina, E. and J. Tejada, “On bilateral barters”, Preprint
  • Castro, J.; D. Gómez and J. Tejada, “Longest path with step constraints in activity networks”, Networks, (Under revision).
  • Alonso, E. and J. Tejada, “The auction models with lowest risk in a duopolistic electricity market”, Economica, (Accepted, 2012).
  • Castro, J.; D. Gómez and J. Tejada, “Allocating slacks in stochastic PERT Networks”, Central European Journal of Operations Research, (Accepted, 2012).
  • E. Alonso, J. Sanchez-Soriano and J. Tejada, “A parametric family of two ranked objects auctions: equilibria and associated risk”, Annals of Operations Research, (Accepted, 2012). http://www.springer.com/business/operations+research/journal/10479?detailsPage=contentItemPage&CIPageCounter=514109
  • Alonso, E. and J. Tejada, “Risk optimal single-object auctions”, Spanish Journal of Economics and Finance. Latindex. (SJR: 0.123) (2012).
  • E. Alonso and J. Tejada, “Revenue Equivalence Result in a Duopolistic Electricity Market where one of the suppliers has two production units”, Pensamiento Matemático, (2012).
  • Alonso, E.; J. Tejada and A. Jiménez, “Modelos de Subasta en un Duopolio Eléctrico con Costes Estocásticos”, Editorial Académica Española, ISBN: 978-3-8443-3797-6 (2011).
  • Alonso, E. and J. Tejada, “Equivalencia de Ingresos en un Duopolio Eléctrico”, Latin American Journal of Economics, Vol. 47, N° 136, 191-215, (2010).
  • Castro, J.; D. Gómez and J. Tejada, “A rule for slack allocation proportional to the durations in a PERT network”, European Journal of Operational Research. 187, 556-570, (2008).
  • Castro, J.; D. Gómez and J. Tejada, “A polynomial rule for the problem of Sharing Delay Costs in PERT Networks”, Computers and Operations Research, 35 (7) 2376-2387 (2008).
  • Castro, J.; D. Gómez and J. Tejada, “A project game for PERT networks”, Operations Research.Letters, 35, 6, 791-798, (2007)
  • Alonso, E.; J. Tejada, “A revenue equivalence result in a duopolistic electricity market”, En revisión (?).
  • Alonso, E.; J. Tejada, “Ranking of auction models in a duopolistic electricity market with
    Correlated values”, En revision (?).
  • Castro, J.; D. Gómez and J. Tejada, “Polynomial calculation of the Shapley value based on sampling”, Computers and Operations Research, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 15 April 2008).


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