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Dibyendu De
Position: Assistant Professor
Krishnagar Women’s College, India
e-mail: dibyendude@gmail.com
Visiting IMI from October 1 to December 23, 2009

Research interests:

  • Application of algebraic structure of \beta N to combinatorial propertys of N
  • Dynamical systems
  • Topological groups

Main recent publications:

  • (With N. Hindman and D. Strauss) A new and stronger central sets theorem, Fundamenta Mathematicae 199 (2008), 155-175
  • (With R. K. Paul) Universally image partition regular matrices, The Electronic journal of combinatorics 15 (2008), #R141
  • (With N. Hindman) Image Partition regularity near zero, Discrete Mathematics 309 (2009)3219-3232
  • (With N. Hindman and D. Strauss)Sets Central with Respect to Certain Subsemigroups of Sd, Topology Proceedings 33 (2009), 55- 79


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