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Sjur Didrik Flam
Senior NILS grantee at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
Position: Professor
Institute of Economy, University of Bergen (Norway)
e-mail: sjur.flaam@econ.uib.no
web: http://www.econ.uib.no/ansatte.asp?ansatt=59&kategori=263&versjon=true
Visiting IMI from November 19th, 2010 until January 30, 2011

Research interests:

  • Mathematical economics
  • Optimization
  • Game theory
  • Finance and insurance

Recent publications:

  • Prices and Pareto Optima, Optimization 55, no. 5-6, 611-625 (2006).
  • Core solutions and Nash equilibria in noncooperative games with a measure space of players, Game Theory and Mathematical Economics, Banach Center Publications vol 71, Inst. Math. Polish Acad. (2006).
  • Upward slope and inf-convolutions, Mathematics of Operations Research (2006)


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