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Anni MaattanenAnni Maattanen
Position: CNRS research scientist
e-mail: anni.maattanen@latmos.ipsl.fr
Visiting IMI from November 28th to February 15th, 2010.

Research interests:

  • Modeling and observations of the Martian atmosphere

Recent publications:

  • A. Määttänen, F. Montmessin, B. Gondet, F. Scholten, H. Hoffmann, E. Hauber, F. González-Galindo, A. Spiga, F. Forget, G. Neukum, J.-P. Bibring and J.-L. Bertaux (2009): Mapping the mesospheric CO2 clouds on Mars: MEx/OMEGA and MEx/HRSC observations and challenges for atmospheric models. Submitted to Icarus.
  • F. Scholten, H. Hoffmann, A. Määttänen, F. Montmessin, B. Gondet, E. Hauber (2009): Concatenation of HRSC colour and OMEGA data for the determination and 3-D parameterization of high-altitude CO2 clouds in the Martian atmosphere. Submitted to Planetary and Space Science.
  • A. Määttänen, T. Fouchet, O. Forni, F. Forget, H. Savijärvi, B. Gondet, R. Melchiorri, Y. Langevin, V. Formisano, M. Giuranna and J.-P. Bibring (2009): A study of the properties of a local dust storm with Mars Express OMEGA and PFS data. Icarus 201, 504-516.
  • A. Määttänen, H. Vehkamäki, A. Lauri, I. Napari and M. Kulmala (2007): Two-component heterogeneous nucleation kinetics and an application to Mars. Journal of Chemical Physics 127, 134710.
Anni Maattanen's seminar on December 14th, 2009