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Fabricio MaciÓ
Position: Profesor Ayudante Doctor
ETSI Navales, Universidad PolitÚcnica de Madrid (Spain)
Department of Sciences Applied to Naval Engineering
e-mail: fabricio.macia@upm.es
web: http://debin.etsin.upm.es/~fabricio/index.html

Visiting IMI in October 25-29, 2010

Research interests:

  • Partial differential equations
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Numerical Analysis

Recent publications:

  • N. Anantharaman and F. MaciÓ. Semiclassical measures for the Schr÷dinger equation on the torus, Preprint (2010).
  • F. MaciÓ. The Schr÷dinger flow in a compact manifold: High-frequency dynamics and dispersion, Preprint (2009).
  • D. Azagra and F. MaciÓ. Concentration of symmetric eigenfunctions, Nonlinear Analysis, 73(3) (2010), 683-688


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