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Arkael Petrosyan
Position: Professor
Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
e-mail: apetrosy@iki.rssi.ru

Visiting IMI on November 2010

Research interests:

  • The propagation and interaction of waves in randomly inhomogeneous and non-linear media.
  • Weakly-ionised plasma physics.
  • The theory of hydrodynamic instability.
  • The theory of turbulence.
  • The theory of planetary atmospheres.
  • Complex environmental flows.
  • Photogrammetry of clouds.
  • Shallow water flows, flows in coastal zone.
  • Sun variability, solar turbulence, Earth-Sun interactions.
  • Compressible magnetohydrodynamic flows, Riemann Solvers (Godunov Methods)
  • Large Eddy (LES) simmulations of compressible turbulence for MHD. Interstellar turbulence.
  • Rapid Distortion Theory (RDT) for inhomogeneous MHD turbulence.
  • Dynamics and kinetics of aerosols in planetary atmospheres.
  • Kinetic turbulence in space and fusion plasmas.


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