History and Aim of the course.

The theory of operator algebras introduced in the thirties by J. von Neumann was developed in close relationship with fundamental aspects of functional analysis, ergodic theory, harmonic analysis and quantum physics. More recently this field has shown many further fruitful interrelations with other areas of mathematics and mathematical physics.

The school part aims to train national and international Ph.D. students and young researchers with interdisciplinary interests in mathematics or mathematical physics in some fundamental aspects of operator algebras.

The workshop part aims to present some actual research topics in operator algebras and also in current research areas where operator algebras have been succesfully applied. E.g. in non-commutative Lp spaces, quantum information theory etc.


Past and future of this topic in Spain:

The present course is part of a recent effort in Spain directed to establish the topic of Operator Algebras and its various applications.
Our course pretends to be a natural continuation of the previous events and to prepare for the future thematic semester at CRM in 2011.

Previous events:

Future events:



Some recent background text books; more specific references will be distributed during the course.

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