Vol. 13 Num. 2, 2000

Polynôme d'Alexander à l'infini d'un polynôme à deux variables
Rank-two vector bundles on general quartic hypersurfaces in P4
Bernard BEAUZAMY Finding the roots of polynomial equations: an algorithm with linear command
Jan W. CHOLEWA and Tomasz DLOTKO
Remarks on the powers of elliptic operators
Abdellah EL KINANI Entire functions and equicontinuity of power maps in Baire algebras
Jerzy KAKOL Baire-like spaces C(X,E)
Habib OUERDIANE and Anis REZGUI Distributions gaussiennes et temps locaux d'intersection
Lev BIRBRAIR and Alexandre C. G. FERNANDES Metric theory of semialgebraic curves
Jerzy GRZYBOWSKI, S. KACZMAREK, and Ryszard URBAŃSKI General methods of constructing equivalent minimal pairs not unique up to translation
Bazanfaré MAHAMAN A volume comparison theorem and number of ends for manifolds with asymptotically nonnegative Ricci curvature
Mokhtar KIRANE and Salim A. MESSAOUDI
Breakdown in finite time of solutions to a one-dimensional wave equation
Global existence and decay of solutions of a coupled system of BBM-Burgers equations