Vol. 10 Num. 2, 1997

Benjamin FINE, Gerhard ROSENBERGER, and Michael STILLE
Conjugacy pinched and cyclically pinched one-relator groups
The Artin conjecture for Q-algebras 
Peter TURBEK The full automorphism group of the Kulkarni surface
Francesco ZUCCONI
A note on a theorem of Horikawa 
  Jorge MÚJICA Separable quotients of Banach spaces
 Manuel VALDIVIA Some properties of basic sequences in Banach spaces
  Hartmut EHRIG, Hans-Jörg KREOWSKI, and Fernando OREJAS Correctness of horizontal and vertical composition for implementation concepts based on constructors and abstractors
Felice RONGA, Alberto TOGNOLI, and Thierry VUST The number of conics tangent to five given conics: the real case
David SINGERMAN and Paul WATSON Non-maximal cyclic group actions on compact Riemann surfaces
Ham BREZIS and Juan Luis VÁZQUEZ Blow-up solutions of some nonlinear elliptic problems
Peter LINDQVIST and Juan MANFREDI Note on ¥-superharmonic functions
Jacques-Louis LIONS and Enrique ZUAZUA The cost of controlling unstable systems: time irreversible systems