Vol. 10 Special Issue, 1997

Classification of obstructions for separation of semialgebraic sets in dimension 3 
Inner metric properties of 2-dimensional semi-algebraic sets  
F. J. CIRRE Morphisms of Klein surfaces 
Alexander DEGTYAREV and Viatcheslav KHARLAMOV
Around real Enriques surfaces 
  S. M. FINASHIN Complete decomposability of quotients by complex conjugation for real complete intersection surfaces 
 Laureano GONZÁLEZ-VEGA and Guadalupe TRUJILLO Multivariate Sturm-Habicht sequences: real root counting on n-rectangles and triangles 
  Ilia ITENBERG Topology of real algebraic T-surfaces 
Piotr JAWORSKI On Witt rings of function fields of real analytic surfaces and curves 
Krzysztof KURDYKA and Patrice ORRO Distance géodésique sur un sous-analytique 
Thomas LICKTEIG and Klaus MEER Semi-algebraic complexity-additive complexity of diagonalization of quadratic forms 
Angus MACINTYRE and David MARKER A failure of quantifier elimination 
James J. MADDEN and Niels SCHWARTZ Separating ideals in dimension 2  
David MARKER and Chris MILLER Leveled O-minimal structures 
James MCENERNEY and Gilbert STENGLE The nonreduced order spectrum of a commutative ring 
S. M. NATANZON Periodic solutions and real algebraic curves 
T. RECIO and J. R. SENDRA A really elementary proof of real Lüroth's theorem 
Francisco SANTOS Optimal degree construction of real algebraic plane nodal curves with prescribed topology, I: the orientable case