Vol. 11 Num. 2, 1998 

Warren DICKS
Erratum: W. S. Jassim, On the intersection of finitely generated subgroups of free groups, Rev. Mat. Univ. Compl. 9 (1996), 6784
Some remarks on sub-differential calculus 
Rafal KAPELKO A multiplier theorem for the Hankel transform
Lie algebras with a given lattice of ideals 
  Akiko SHIMA An unknotting theorem for tori in S4
 Alberto FIORENZA A summability condition on the gradient ensuring BMO
  Jacques GIACOMONI Some results about blow-up and global existence to a semilinear degenerate heat equation
Thierry GOUDON and Mazen SAAD On a Fokker-Planck equation arising in population dynamics
Youcef KELANEMER Optimal control of fluid flow in soil 1. Deterministic case
Axel OSSES and Jean-Pierre PUEL On the controllability of the Laplace equation observed on an interior curve
Marko A. ROJAS-MEDAR and José Luiz BOLDRINI Magneto-micropolar fluid motion: existence of weak solutions
Nicolae TARFULEA On a reaction-diffusion system involving the critical exponent