Vol. 14 Num. 1, 2001

Aldo BIANCOFIORE and Maria Lucia FANIA On the structure of linked 3 folds
Nicolas DUTERTRE About the Euler-Poincaré characteristic of semi-algebraic sets defined with two singularities
Johannes HUISMAN On the geometry of algebraic curves having many real components
Robert DEVILLE and Catherine FINET
An extension of Simons' inequality and applications
Gilles GODEFROY and V. INDUMATHI Strong proximinality and polyhedral spaces
Real interpolation for non-distant Marcinkiewicz spaces
Colum WATT Complex sprays and complex curves
Marcelo M. CAVALCANTI, Valéria N. DOMINGOS CAVALCANTI, Juan A. SORIANO, and Júlio S. PRATES FILHO Existence and asymptotic behavior for a degenerate Kirchhoff-Carrier model with viscosity and nonlinear boundary conditions
 Bao-Zhu GUO and Kai- Yuen CHAN Riesz basis generation, eigenvalues distribution, and exponential stability for a Euler-Bernouilli beam with joint feedback control
Amar HEMINNA Contrôlabilité exacte d'un problème avec conditions de Ventcel évolutives pour le système linéaire de l'élasticité
Jeannine SAINT JEAN PAULIN and Muthusamy VANNINATHAN Boundary sentinels in cylindrical domains