Vol. 14 Num. 2, 2001

Pavel A. KOLGUSHKIN and Rustam R. SADYKOV Simple singularities of multigerms of curves
Noureddine AISSAOUI Capacitary type estimates in strongly nonlinear potential theory and applications
Ricardo G. DURÁN and María Amelia MUSCHIETTI On the traces of W2,p(W) for a Lipschitz domain
Alexander MESKHI
On the singular numbers for some integral operators
Konstantin RUNOVSKI On Jackson type inequality in Orlicz classes
Tomáš HOBZA and Igor VAJDA
On the Newcomb-Benford law in models of statistical data
Mohamed AIT NOUH and Akira YASUHARA Torus knots that cannot be untied by twisting
Frédéric BIHAN Une sextique de l'espace projectif réel avec un grand nombre d'anses
 Marc GILG Low-dimensional filiform Lie superalgebras
Chuichiro HAYASHI and Koya SHIMOKAWA Heegaard splittings of the pair of the solid torus and the core loop
Abdelmoujib BENKIRANE and M. Kbiri ALAOUI Existence of solutions of strongly nonlinear elliptic equations in RN
Benoît DESJARDINS, María J. ESTEBAN, Céline GRANDMONT, and Patrick LE TALLEC Weak solutions for a fluid-elastic structure interaction model