Vol. 16 Num. 2, 2003

Sever S. DRAGOMIR An Ostrowski-like inequality for convex functions and applications
Sophie GRIVAUX Hypercyclic operators with an infinite dimensional closed subspace of periodic points
Hüseyin IRMAK and Ravinder K. RAINA The starlikeness and convexity of multivalent functions involving certain inequalities
Mohamed MORSLI and Fazia BEDOUHENE
On the strict convexity of the Besicovitch-Orlicz space of almost periodic functions with Orlicz norm
Rabah BEY, Amar HEMINNA, and Jean-Pierre LOHÉAC Boundary stabilization of the linear elastodynamic system by a Lyapunov-type method
Fundamental solutions and singular shocks in scalar conservation laws
Marcello LUCIA, Paola MAGRONE, and Huan-Song ZHOU A Dirichlet problem with asymptotically linear and changing sign nonlinearity
Said EL MANOUNI and Abdelfattah TOUZANI On some nonlinear elliptic systems with coercive perturbation in RN
 Michael SCHREINER The dynamics of a levitated cylindrical permanent magnet above a superconductor
Volker MICHEL Theoretical aspects of a multiscale analysis of the eigenoscillations of the Earth
Jerzy GRZYBOWSKI and Ryszard URBAŃSKI On reduced pairs of bounded closed convex sets
Juan Carlos MARTÍNEZ Constructions of thin-tall Boolean spaces
José María MONTESINOS-AMILIBIA Open 3-manifolds, wild subsets of S3 and branched coverings