Vol. 18 Num. 1, 2005

Hans TRIEBEL A new approach to function spaces on quasi-metric spaces
Mostafa BENDAHMANE and Mazen SAAD Entropy solution for anisotropic reaction-diffusion-advection systems with L1 data
Enrique ARRONDO Subcanonicity of codimension two subvarieties
Petr GURKA and Bohumír OPIC
Sharp embeddings of Besov spaces with logarithmic smoothness
David E. EDMUNDS and Miroslav KRBEC Variations on Yano’s Extrapolation Theorem
Alessandro ARSIE
Very ampleness of multiples of principal polarization on degenerate Abelian surfaces
Angelo FAVINI, Rabah LABBAS,
Keddour LEMRABET, and Stéphane MAINGOT
Study of the limit of transmission problems in a thin layer by the sum theory of linear operators
Igor E. SHPARLINSKI On the number of zero trace elements in polynomial bases for F2n
 Ryo NIKKUNI Sharp edge-homotopy on spatial graphs
Patrick POPESCU-PAMPU On higher dimensional Hirzebruch-Jung singularities
Alexander ESTEROV Indices of 1-forms and Newton polyhedra
Azzouz AWANE, Abdelouahab CHKIRIBA,
and Michel GOZE
Formes d’inertie et complexe de Koszul associés à des polynômes plurihomogènes