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$% R. A. Hidalgo, Schottky uniformizations of Z22 actions on Riemann surfaces, Rev. Mat. Complut. 18 (2005), no. 2, 427–453.%$

Schottky Uniformizations of Z22 Actions on Riemann Surfaces

Departamento de Matemáticas
UTFSM, Valparaiso -- Chile

Received: July 5, 2004
Accepted: April 7, 2005

Given a closed Riemann surface S  together a group of its conformal automorphisms H  ~=Z22  , it is known that there are Schottky uniformizations of S  realizing H  . In this note we proceed to give an explicit Schottky uniformizations for each of all different topological actions of   2
Z 2  as group of conformal automorphisms on a closed Riemann surface.

Key words: Schottky groups, Riemann surfaces, automorphisms, uniformization.
2000 Mathematics Subject Classification:
Primary 30F10, 30F40.