Vol. 19 Num. 2, 2006

Meirav AMRAM and Mina TEICHER Fundamental groups of some special quadric arrangements
Serge NICAISE and Abdoulaye SČNE Stabilization of a coupled multidimensional system
Erika TAMÁSI Anisotropic Besov spaces and approximation numbers of traces on related fractal sets
Daniel AZAGRA and Juan FERRERA
Inf-convolution and regularization of convex functions on Riemannian manifolds of nonpositive curvature
Alexander BRUDNYI and Yuri BRUDNYI Extension of Lipschitz functions defined on metric subspaces of homogeneous type
Juan J. NIETO and Rosana RODRÍGUEZ-LÓPEZ Applications of contractive-like mapping principles to fuzzy equations
Miroslav ENGLIŠ Berezin and Berezin-Toeplitz quantizations for general function spaces
Simon HOCHGERNER and Armin RAINER Singular Poisson reduction of cotangent bundles
 Natan KRUGLYAK, Lech MALIGRANDA, and Lars-Erik PERSSON Structure of the Hardy operator related to Laguerre polynomials and the Euler differential equation
Pedro FERNÁNDEZ-MARTíNEZ Interpolation of the measure of non-compactness between quasi-Banach spaces