Vol. 22 Num. 2, 2009

Marco DISCACCIATI and Alfio QUARTERONI Navier-Stokes/Darcy coupling: modeling, analysis, and numerical approximation
Emmanuel S. KATSOPRINAKIS Coincidence of some classes of universal functions
Gleb GUSEV Monodromy zeta-functions of deformations and Newton diagrams
Sylvain DELPECH Asymptotic uniform moduli and Kottman constant of Orlicz sequence spaces
Sanjay KUMAR Weighted composition operators between spaces of Dirichlet type
Vicente MUŅOZ The SL(2, C)-character varieties of torus knots
Jan KALIŠ and Mario MILMAN Symmetrization and sharp Sobolev inequalities in metric spaces
Meirav AMRAM and Mina TEICHER Erratum to “Fundamental groups of some special quadric arrangements”