Vol. 3 Num. 1, 1990

José M. ISIDRO Quasinormability of some spaces of holomorphic mappings
 Javier MARTÍNEZ-MAURICA and Samuel NAVARRO p-adic Ascoli theorems
 Fausto SACERDOTE and Fernando SANSŇ Some generalizations in the mathematical developments of the theory of the geodetic overdetermined problems
 Ryszard GRZĄŚLEWICZ Symmetric stochastic matrices with given row sums
 Gérard GAGNEUX and F. GUERFI Approximations de la fonction de Heaviside et résultats d'unicité. Pour une classe de problèms quasi-linéaires elliptiques-paraboliques
 Peter SMITH A singular perturbation method for saddle connections and subharmonic of certain nonlinear differential equations with fixed saddle points