Vol. 5 Num. 2, 3, 1992 

Ioan POP
On weak monomorphisms and weak epimorphisms in the category of pro-groups
Seán DINEEN and Luiza A. MORAES
Holomorphic functions on strict inductive limits of Banach spaces
Juan Carlos FERRANDO El Teorema de la Gráfica Cerrada con condiciones débiles de continuidad
Javier HERVÉS and José M. ISIDRO
Isometries and automorphisms of the spaces of spinors
  Michael LANGENBRUCH Splitting of the delta-complex in weighted spaces of square integral functions
 Vladimir RAKOČEVIČ On a formula for the jumps in the semi-Fredholm domain
  Maria Rita CASALI Two-fold branched coverings of have type six 
Akira YASUHARA On slice knots in the complex projective plane
Wolfgang ARENDT and Philippe BENILAN  Inégalités de Kato et semi-groupes sous-Markoviens
Carlos F. VASCONCELOS On a nonlinear stationary problem in unbound domains
Jinhai YAN Contrôlabilité exacte pour des systèmes à mémoire