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$%R. Dalmasso, Positive radial solutions for semilinear biharmonic equations in annular domains, Rev. Mat. Univ. Complut. Madrid 6 (1993), no. 2, 279294.%$

Positive Radial Solutions for Semilinear Biharmonic Equations in Annular Domains
Laboratoire LMC-IMAG
Equipe EDP
Tour IRMA-BP 53
F. 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9 France

Received: December 11, 1992

We study the existence of positive radial solutions of D2u =g(|x|)f(u)  in an annulus with Dirichlet boundary conditions. We establish that the equation has at least one positive radially symmetric solution on any annulus if f  and g  are nonnegative, g /= 0  and f  is superlinear at zero and + oo  . We also give a property of positive radial solutions.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: 35B45, 35J40, 35J65.