Vol. 7 Num. 2, 1994

Francesc ARANDIGA and Vicent CASELLES
On strongly stable approximations
Santiago DÍAZ, Antonio FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, Miguel FLORENCIO, and Pedro S. PAÚL
The space of countably simple bounded functions with values in a DF-space 
Lahbib OUBBI Representations of locally convex algebras
Tomoe MOTOHASHI, Yoshiyuki OHYAMA, and Kouki TANIYAMA
Yamada polynomial and crossing number of spatial graphs
  Antonio M. NAVEIRA On the total (non absolute) curvature of a even dimensional submanifold Xn immersed in Rn+2
 Yoshiyuki OHYAMA Twisting and unknotting operations
  Drumi D. BAINOV,
Margarita B. DIMITROVA,
and Anatoli D. MYSHKIS
Oscillatory and asymptotic properties of the solutions of a class of operator-differential equations
Radu CAŞCAVAL and Ioan J. VRABIE Existence of periodic Solutions for a class of nonlinear evolution equations
Benjamin MAMPASSI Etude asymptotique de la jonction d'un massif tridimensionnel et d'une tige élancée en flexion