Vol. 8 Num. 1, 1995

Leo J. ALEX and Lorraine L. FOSTER
On the diophantine equation w+x+y=z, with wxyz= 2r3s5t
Ibrahim A. I. SULEIMAN
The 3-modular characters of the twisted Chevalley group ²D4(2) and ²D4(2).2 
Ibrahim A. I. SULEIMAN The modular characters of the twisted Chevalley group ²D4(2) over GF2
José M. ISIDRO and László STACHÓ
Pointwise convergent nets of holomorphic automorphisms of the unit ball of Cartan factor
  Julian MUSIELAK and Aleksander WASZAK Sequence spaces generated by moduli of smoothness
 Vladimir I. ARNOLD Sur les propriétés topologiques des projections lagrangiennes en géometrie sympletique des caustiques
  Zvonko ČERIN Shape theory of maps
Fujitsugu HOSOKAWA and Shin'ichi SUZUKI On singular cut-and-pastes in the 3-space with applications to link theory
Drumi BAINOV, Vasil PETROV, and Valentina PROICHEVA Oscillation of neutral differential equations with "maxima"
Akambadath K. NANDAKUMARAN and Raju K. GEORGE Partial exact controllability of a nonlinear system
Anne PLOUVIER Sur une classe de problèmes d'évolution quasi linéaires dégénérés
Marko A. ROJAS-MEDAR and R. BELTRAN-BARRIOS The initial value problem for the equations of magnetohydrodynamic type in non-cylindrical domains