Vol. 9 Num. 1, 1996

Francesca ACQUISTAPACE, Fabrizio BROGLIA, and Alberto TOGNOLI
Smooth and analytic solutions for analytic linear systems
C. HERMOSO and Ignacio SOLS
Bases of homology spaces of the Hilbert scheme of points in an algebraic surface 
W. S. JASSIM On the intersection of finitely generated subgroups of free groups
Giuliana NARDELLI and Alessandro TANCREDI
A note on the extension of analytic functions off real analytic subsets
  Antonio R. QUESADA and B. VAN PELT A note on the extensions of Eratosthenes' sieve
 Alfredo PERIS and Marķa J. RIVERA Localization of bounded sets in tensor products
  Paulina PYCH-TABERSKA and Maria TOPOLEWSKA Approximation of almost periodic functions by convolution type operators
Kimihiko MOTEGI A note on unlinking numbers of Montesinos links
Michele MULAZZANI A "universal" class of 4-coloured graphs
Ioan POP On some weak monomorphisms and weak epimorphisms of pro-HTop
Jan CHABROWSKI On multiple solutions for nonhomogeneous system of elliptic equations
Igor Yu. POPOV Stokeslet and the operator extensions theory