Workshop on Complementary Skills (28-29 September, 2011)

Le Carat - 170 avenue Thiers (8th floor)

69455 Lyon Cedex 06 (France)

Organized by

Lionel Demongodin


Chef de Projet


Geotechnics: complex, innovative techniques

Egis is one of France's leaders in geotechnical and materials engineering, geotechnics of earthworks, foundations, supporting works, polluted sites, ultimate or radioactive waste storage site as well as instrumentation for sensitive structures.
Egis' expertise covers the entire chain of geotechnical engineering and each of its individual fields, from the study phase to construction.

Egis is involved in geotechnics of the environment (remediation of dumps and industrial sites, etc), in geotechnics of transportation infrastructure (soil and rock studies, earthworks projects, technical monitoring of works), for the stability of slopes, compressible soils, the foundations of civil engineering structures, major supporting walls (in reinforced concrete, clamped or nailed, sturdily built in reinforced soil, etc.), underground structures or for natural risks (cliffs, underground cavities, etc.).

Egis' geotechnical expertise is strengthened by the sharing of skills between specialists and project manager and by feedback from geotechnic supporting works missions.



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Workshop on Complementary Skills (28-29 September, 2011)