Prof. Ana Carpio

Catedrática de Universidad

Departamento de Matemática Aplicada
Facultad de Matemáticas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Madrid 28040

Office Phone:
(34) 91-3944407
Email Address:
acarpio at ucm dot es

Web Page:

Becas predoctorales

Recent publications

Noninvasive imaging of three-dimensional micro and nanostructures by topological methods
A. Carpio, T.G. Dimiduk, M.L. Rapun, V. Selgas
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 9(3), 1324-1354, 2016

Stenosis triggers spread of helical Pseudomonas biofilms in cylindrical flow systems
D.R. Espeso, A. Carpio, E. Martínez-García, V. de Lorenzo
Scientific Reports 6, 27170 (2016)

Well posedness of a kinetic model of Fokker-Planck type for angiogenesis
A. Carpio, G. Duro
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 30, 184-212, 2016 [
pdf] [Audioslides]

Differential growth of wrinkled biofilms
D.R. Espeso, A. Carpio, B. Einarsson
Physical Review E, 91,  022710, 2015

Measuring strain and rotation fields at the dislocation core in graphene
L.L. Bonilla, A. Carpio, C. Gong, J.H. Warner
Physical Review B, 92, 155417, 2015 [pdf]

last modified: 4-Nov-2016