Conferencia "Ultraviolet Sky Surveys: the needs and the means"
10 al 14 de Julio de 2017. Tel Aviv, Israel.

The "Ultraviolet Sky Surveys: the needs and the means" conference was held at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, from July 10th to 14th, 2017.

Nearly fifty talks covered various topics that addressed from the current state of Ultraviolet Astronomy and the implementation of the missions under development, to detailed presentations on research in exoplanets, stellar, galactic and extragalactic sources, using telescopes from past missions and still in operation , such as GALEX or HST.

AEGORA team members had a strong presence at the symposium due to being involved in the WSO-UV project. They presented their most recent results in both the scientific and engineering fields.

Aegora┬┤s talks included MHD simulations of jets, distribution of structures of the Interstellar Environment, distribution of dust grains in Orion, simulations of the WSO-UV cameras or status of the WSO-UV Mission Archive. Professor A.I Gomez De Castro participated last day at the round table of experts who discussed future trends in Ultraviolet Astronomy, and she was responsible for presenting the conclusions of the symposium at the closing of the conference.