How to come to the Math building

The conference will take place at the Facultad de Matemáticas of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. We present below a map showing the location of the math’s building within the campus. All the talks delivered by the main speakers will be held at the "Miguel de Guzmán" lecture hall, located in the basement of the Math building. The map also shows the main means of transportation to get to the math’s building. The most reasonable way to get to the math’s building from the main railways stations and the airport is by using public transportation. In the map below you can see that the nearest subway stop to the math’s building is "Ciudad Universitaria". The exit from this stop lies about 600 meters from the math’s building. One can also reach the math’s building by bus. The following buses stop nearby: 82, 132, U, F. We thoroughly recommend the use of the subway, which is called metro in Spain.

Important information: From 1st January 2018, magnetic paper-tickets (metrobus) for Public Transportation do not work anymore. Instead, one has to buy a multi-card (2.50 euros) and load the tickets there. One can buy the card at the Metro automatic dispensing machines. All the relevant information can be found in this link.

Here we explain to you how to come to the math's building from different places in the city:

From the nearest metro stop: The nearest metro stop to the math building is Ciudad Universitaria. This stop has two exits. Use the one on the right to come out of the underground and then turn right. Then walk along the Avenida Complutense for about 10 minutes until you reach the main gate of the botanic gardens. There the Avenida Complutense branches out. Keep walking on the right branch for 100 meters more and you’ll get to the Plaza de Ciencias and the math’s building. See the campus map.

From the airport: Nowadays one can reach almost any place in the city from the airport using Madrid's wide metro network. Please notice that for entering and leaving the airport stations you must pay a three-euro airport suplement. There are two metro stops at the airport on the line that goes from Barajas to Nuevos Ministerios (the pink line in the metro map): One is called Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3 and the other one's name is Aeropuerto T4.  The first one is located alongside terminal T2 (through the connection tunnel to Parking P2, first floor). You have to go towards Nuevos Ministerios. There you transfer and take line 6 (the circular one, gray color in the metro map) in the direccion of Cuatro Caminos, Guzman el Bueno, Metropolitano and Ciudad Universitaria. As you transfer to the circular line make sure you get the most convenient platform. The closest metro stations to the math building are Metropolitano and Cuidad Universitaria, but we recommend not to stop at Metropolitano. In order to go to the maths's building you ought to get off at Ciudad Universitaria and follow the instructions above.

From Chamartín railway station: There is a metro stop at Chamartin railway station called CHAMARTIN. It belongs to the line 10 (dark blue color in the metro map) which goes from Hospital Infanta Sofía to Puerta del Sur. Go towards Puerta del Sur and get off at Nuevos Ministerios. There you can get the circular line or line 6 (gray color in the metro map). Make sure you choose the most convenient platform to get to Ciudad Universitaria.

From Atocha railway station: There is a metro stop at Atocha railway station called ATOCHA RENFE. It belongs to the line 1 (blue color in the metro map) which goes from Valdecarros to Pinar de Chamartín. Go towards the latter stop and get off at Cuatro Caminos. There you have to transfer to the circular line or line 6. Make sure you get the right platform to go to Ciudad Universitaria.