Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Grupo de Matemática Aplicada a Modelos Físicos y Biológicos


Research Topics

Nonlinear analysis - Numerical analysis -
Wave equations, nonlinear waves
Partial differential equations
Elasticity, Electromagnetism

Fluid mechanics equations and conservation laws

Integrodifferential kinetic models for  semiconductors, plasmas and biological systems

Reaction - diffusion systems

Equations in finance

Biological Sciences Pattern formation and recognition
  Multiscale modelling of biofilms and antibiotic resistance
  Angiogenesis, Chemotaxis

Bone tissue modelling

Nerve impulse propagation

Protein folding and unfolding
Inverse Problems and Imaging Constrained optimization techniques in photo-detection, acoustic and electromagnetic imaging
  Topological methods for inverse scattering problems

Parameter identification in dynamical models

Uncertainty quantification, Bayesian techniques

Optimization and control, Data studies

Materials Science
Wave propagation in solids, fracture and cracks

Defects and ripples in graphene

Dislocation nucleation and motion in crystals

Nucleation of bubbles in radioactive waste

Lubrication in fluids

Ground water flow, dams

Aggregation processes and mixtures

Charge transport in nanostructures

Magnetic and optoelectronic properties of nanodevices