Enrique Artal Bartolo (Zaragoza, Spain)

Tpology of Polynomials and Low Dimensional Algebraic Geometry

Lecture 1: Local singularities
Puiseux expansions;
Braids and algebraic links;
Pencils of Curves.
Lecture 2: Topology of polynomials
bifurcation set;
links at infinity;
characterization of polynomials good-at-infinity;
tame polynomials and morsifications.
Lecture 3: Zariski-van Kampen theorem and braid monodromy
Zariski-van Kampen method;
Braid monodromy;
Embedded topology of plane curves.
Lecture 4: Discriminant method for tame polynomials
Discriminant of the polar map;
Braid and classical monodromy;


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