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Some features:


*    Free software.

*    Existing in Graphical Interface and Textual versions.

*    Classical methods implemented: steepest descent, genetic algorithms, Newton…

*    Improvement of those methods by hybridization and parallelization.

indbul1d  Complete graphical tools (1D, 2D and 3D, response surfaces, histories, movies…).

indbul1d  Full control during optimisation process (points are saved, prevent functional errors…).

indbul1d  Interaction with industrial codes (C++/COMSOL…).

indbul1d  Validated on various industrial problems (finance, fluid dynamic, combustion…).


Download (Ver. 15.12.11):**http%3A/**http%3A/


Matlab-Windows Version




Matlab-All O.S. Version**http%3A/


Matlab Script-All O.S. Version





User Guide





License Key is now: GNU GPL3


You should accept the following license agreement:


Cuadro de texto: Global Optimization Platform is under license of Benjamin Ivorra, Bijan Mohammadi and Angel Manuel Ramos Del Olmo.

The license includes the terms of the    GNU General Public License V3.0, available at, plus the following restrictions:

This software is for personal use and reserved for research study. Any professional utilization is forbidden without the authors' agreement.

For any additional questions, please contact:



Some reference articles:


If you use this software during a research work, you could use the following references about the validation and the description of the method:


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