Software for Oil Spill Movement And Removal






What is SOSMAR?



SOSMAR is a software, developed in Matlab and available in standalone and Matlab versions, used to simulate the evolution of oil spills in sea and perform a risk analysis of possible affected areas. For instance, it helps to estimate:


·       Geographical areas in sea and coast that will be affected. 


·       When and how many oil will reach the coast.


·       Characteristics of the oil (e.g., viscosity and density).





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Some reference articles:


If you use this software during a research work, you could use the following references about the validation and the description of the method:


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Benjamin Ivorra (A), Susana Gómez (B) and Ángel Manuel Ramos (A)


(A)   MOMAT research group, IMI-Institute & Applied Mathematics Department. Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.


 (B) IIMAS - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México.




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