Jesús M. RUIZ
Catedrático de Universidad
Departamento de Álgebra, Geometría y Topología
Facultad de Ciencias Matemáticas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Despacho 308-C (Facultad de Matemáticas)
Tf.: (+34) 913944511
Fax: (+34) 913944564

Research interests

Member of the Spanish UCM group Real Algebra and Geometry since 1984.
Macintosh user since 1986.
Member of the European Network Real Algebraic and Analytic Geometry since 1994.
Member of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) since 1998.
Member of the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMI UCM) since 2006.

Preprints, papers, books, PhD's, DFP's.


A somehow sentimental statement.

Teaching concerns

Current teaching


And everybody will find some essential additional references here.

The anniversary of Professor Enrique Outerelo

Professor Enrique Outerelo is a member of our mathematical community since 1961. All these years, he has been teaching mathematics, and many other important things, to several generations of us all. The many who have been lucky to be first his students, then his colleagues, and sometimes his collaborators, joined to celebrate his 65th anniversary. On that occasion a volume including mathematical contributions by many of us was published and dedicated to him in appreciation of his generous devotion to mathematics. Those contributions can be found in this link, as well as the witty address Professor Outerelo offered us on October the 5th, 2004.

Other activities

Erdös number ≤ 3

And here our much admired Wallace and Gromit

who most likely are to recommend some further readings, like these or these other...


Jacob Bronowski, Kenneth Clark, John Ruskin, Donald Knuth, Tony Judt, Josep Pla, Rudyard Kipling, Eric Hobsbawm, Albert Camus, Robert Hughes, Walter Pater, Giuseppe Verdi, Marc Fumaroli, Johan Huizinga, Caritas italiana, Gilbert K. Chesterton, Nuccio Ordine, Paul Simon, Piers, Jubal E. Harshaw, Julian Barnes/Shostakóvich, Andrei Toom, Peter F. Drucker, John Ruskin, Naftalí Hertz Mussman, Aldous Huxley, June Huh.

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