updated  February 2003
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International Workshop



Madrid, December  12th/15th, 2001

An International Workshop on Real Geometry took place in Madrid, at the Universidad Complutense,
Faculty of Mathematics, Departments of Algebra and Geometry and Topology.

Organizing board:  Carlos Andradas & Jesús M. Ruiz




Lodging was provided in several hotels in the University area (Moncloa-Argüelles).Each participant can click the round brackets to check her/his particular location. For general information concerning Madrid, we suggest to visit the site Softguide of Madrid. In particular the maps, (and here the university map: the Faculty of Mathematics is beside the Paraninfo). Also, the transports page, and that on arriving and departing.


list of participants  (and their lodging)
  • Miguel Abánades, CES Felipe II Aranjuez.
  • Francesca Acquistapace,  Pisa. (H. Tirol.)
  • Maria Emilia Alonso, UCM Madrid.
  • Carlos Andradas, UCM Madrid.
  • Andreas Bernig, Zürich. (H. Angelines.)
  • Lev Birbrair, Valladolid.
  • Isabelle Bonnard, Max Planck Bonn.  (H. Moncloa.)
  • Fabrizio Broglia, Pisa. (H. Tirol.)
  • Javier Cirre, UNED Madrid.
  • Michel Coste, Rennes I. (H. Tirol.)
  • Antonio Díaz-Cano, UCM Madrid.
  • Abdelhafed Elkhadiri, Rabat. (H. Tirol.)
  • Jesús Escribano, UCM Madrid.
  • José F. Fernando, UCM Madrid.
  • Massimo Ferrarotti,  Pisa. (H. Tirol.)
  • José Manuel Gamboa, UCM Madrid.
  • Ilia Itenberg, Rennes I. (H. Tirol.)
  • Nuria Joglar, CES Felipe II Aranjuez.
  • Abdeslam Khalifi, Rabat. (H. Tirol.)
  • Monique Lejeune, Versailles-St Quentin.
  • Ignacio Luengo, UCM Madrid.
  • Louis Mahé, Rennes I. (H. Tirol.)
  • Murray Marshall, Shaskatoon. (H. Tirol.)
  • Alejandro Melle, UCM Madrid.
  • Jean Philippe Monnier, Angers. (H. Tirol.)
  • Margarita Otero, UAM Madrid.
  • Adam Parusinski, Angers. (H. Tirol.)
  • Hélène Pennaneac’h, Strasbourg I. (H. Angelines.)
  • Ludovico Pernazza, Pisa. (H. Moncloa.)
  • Federica Pieroni, Pisa. (H. Angelines.)
  • Alexander Prestel, Konstanz. (H. Tirol.)
  • María Jesús de la Puente, UCM Madrid.
  • Tomas Recio, Cantabria.
  • Jean-Jacques Risler, Paris VI. (H. Tirol.)
  • Rosario Rubio San Miguel, U. Antonio de Nebrija Madrid.
  • Jesús M. Ruiz, UCM Madrid.
  • Claus Scheiderer, Duisburg. (H. Tirol.)
  • Pilar Vélez, U. Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid.
  • Maria Angeles Zurro, UAM Madrid.

Ants by Escher


rooms  250-C  and 238
(Mathematics, UCM)
 Wednesday 12th
Chairman: José M. Gamboa
16:00   María Emilia Alonso  (opening)
 16:30   Andreas Bernig   Intrinsic curvatures in analytic-geometric categories 
 17:00   Jesús Escribano  Definable families of definable stratified sets
 17:30   Ignacio Luengo  A_k singularities on plane curves of given degree 
 Thursday 13th
Michel Coste (evening)
Adam Parusinski  (morning)
 10:00   Fabrizio Broglia  Some results in global semianalytic geometry 
 10:30   Abdelhafed Elkhadiri   On a class of some subanalytic Gevrey germs
 11:30   Adam Parusinski  Constructible Categories and the Borel-Kurdyka Theorem
 13:00   Lunch
 15:00   Massimo Ferraroti  Local approximation of semialgebraic sets and tangent cones
 15:30   Alexander Prestel  Representations of real commutative rings
 16:45   Jean-Philippe Monnier Divisors on real curves
 17:15   Murray Marshall  *-Orderings and *-valuations on rings with finite Gelfand-Kirillov dimension
 Friday 14th
Chairman: Alex Prestel
 10:00   Isabelle Bonnard  Algebraically constructible functions and quadratic forms
 12:00   José F. Fernando  Sums of squares in analytic surface germs 
 14:30   Lunch
 16:00   Monique Lejeune  Affine hypersurfaces with Gorenstein singular locus
 17:00   Federica Pieroni  On the separation of global semianalytic sets in dimension 2
 17:30   Ilia Itenberg  Klein actions on K3-surfaces
 Saturday 15th
Chairman: Claus Scheiderer
 10:00   Louis Mahé   Elliptic curves and sums of squares of polynomials 
 11:00   María Angeles Zurro  Gevrey normal forms of billiard maps
 12:00   Jean-Jacques Risler  Courbure de la fibre de Milnor reelle 
14:30   Closing lunch