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Future Events


Vakil's list of upcoming conferences in Algebraic Geometry


Kedlaya's list of upcoming conferences in Arithmetic Geometry


Special sesions 4th RSME Conference for Young Researchers Universidad de Valencia from 4-8 September 2017.


Linear differential equations and Stokes structures IMUS, Sevilla, Spain, from September 11-13, 2017.


Reading Course on Derived Categories in Algebraic Geometry, BCAM. November 13-18, 2017 in the framework of the Spanish network of Algebraic Geometry and Singularties a Reading Course in Derived Categories and Algebraic Geometry will take place in BCAM, from 13-17 november 2017. The Scientific Committee is formed by A. Bayer, J. Fernández de Bobadilla, A. Kuznetsov, M. Lahoz and F. Sancho de Salas. The Organizing Committee is formed by J. Fernandez de Bobadilla and M. Lahoz.The objective is that a group of researchers in Algebraic Geometry, who are not expert in Derived Categories Techniques learn the subject via a series of lectures that will be prepared and delivered by them, guided by experts in the field who already designed the program.


RSME-UMA 2017 December 11th-15th, 2017. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Seventh Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry January 22nd-26th, 2018. Valladolid, Spain.


III Meeting of the RGAS 2018 at Complutense University of Madrid, January 29-February 2, 2018, local organizers Enrique Arrondo and Alejandro Melle. Including a course by Prof. Miles Reid and the presentation of some works of young researchers of the RGAS.