Red de Geometria Algebraica y




The specific objectives of the Network are:
  1 To program scientific meetings of different types: seminars, courses, workshops or conferences. To do this in the most efficient manner, we collaborate with other Networks, Institutions or Centers and with Mathematical Society conferences.
  2 To program different-level courses, from the most basic for beginning PhD students, to the most advanced for post-doc researchers and Network members.
  3 To promote the mobility of graduate and post-grad students in order to complete their training and to facilitate scientific collaboration between researchers from different nodes.
  4 To create a web information platform.
  5 To program activities to disseminate the contents of the Web to undergraduate students.
  6 To create a framework for analysis and debate about the challenges we have to face: technological applications and communication of results, educational needs for RGAS graduate students both in Master's and PhD programs, and to support Network members who are post-docs.