Red de Geometria Algebraica y




The network empraces a wide spektrum of research topics including algebraic, transcendental, topologic, combinatorial and arithmetic methods:


    Local Algebra: Hilbert functions, filtrations, graduates, Rees rings.
    Aplications to Criptography.
    Derived Cathegories.
    Hyperplane Arrangements.
    D-modules and Differential Methods.
    Hilbert Spaces.
    Vector Bundles.
    Zeta Functions.
    Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry.
    Geometry and clasification of complex varieties.
    Simplectic Geometry.
    Multiplier Ideals.
    Combinatorial and Effective Methods.
    Problems of Moduli.
    Resolution of singularities.
    Non Isolated Singularities.
    Hodge Theory.
    Topology of plane curves.
    Topology and geometry of singularities.     Valuations.
    Abelian Varieties.