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uring the period 2010-2011, we plan to continue all those activities initiated during the last two years, and establish the basis for new projects to be developed in collaboration with non-academic organizations

- FUZZYMAD meeting (J. Montero)
The great success of the first FuzzyMAD Workshop meeting, held in Madrid as a joint initiative of the IMI program together with another IMI program, makes a must to continue it , as promised to all participants (40 in total, which represents almost all researchers in Madrid developing fuzzy models and techniques in different theoretical and applied fields). The format of the first Workshop was focused on presenting each group and interests, and the next Workshop should be devoted to explore joint research collaboration.

- Conference on BAYESIAN METHODS (M.A. Gómez-Villegas)
We pretend to make a second call to all Bayesian researchers in Spain, as a natural sequel of the Bayesian conference held in Madrid in 2008 and from the basis of the 13 members of the UCM Research Group on Bayesian Methods. The participation of some speakers (Miguel Angel Gómez Villegas, Paloma Maín Yaque, Luis Sanz Sanmiguel and Rosario Susi García) has been already confirmed.

- Participation in the Madrid WEEK OF SCIENCE (J. Tejada)
Round table on a scientific hot issue related to information processes, decision making or computer sciences, once per year, with students as objective (extremely attractive speakers have been invited during last two years in order to capture the interest of Ph.D. students).

 - HUMANITARIAN-LOG meeting (B. Vitoriano)
The meeting will count with the participation (already confirmed) of key elements in order to discuss all the elements and the view point of users about the decision aid system actually under development at Complutense University under the incipient Ph.D. project of J.T. Rodríguez under the directive support of B. Vitoriano, member of J. Montero’s team. HUMANITARIAN-LOG pursues an open framework for interchange models and practice in order to improve speed and accuracy of the reaction of Non Governmental Organizations addressing support intervention within a natural disaster. At a first stage we pursue a better Knowledge of the tool largely demanded by those humanitarian organizations. On one side, we count with our own experience in the field and a small but key academic researchers in Spain and outside Spain have initially agreed to join us (for example, D. Ruan in Belgium and E. Carrizosa in Seville). More important are those NGO potential collaborators that have already agreed in this participate in the design of a new decision aid system software (AECID is still to be confirmed): Cruz Roja of Spain, Acción contra el Hambre, Médicos sin Fronteras e Intermón-Oxfam.

Within the next two years we would like to count with a 2-weeks research visit of researchers like V. Cutello (Italy), R. Mesiar (Eslovaquia), G. Resconi (Italy), D. Ruan (Belgium) and A. Tsoukias (France)..



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