December 18

Time Speaker Title
9-9.35 D. Gómez-Castro How weighted integrability can replace the trace as boundary condition
9.35-10.10 J.I. Díaz Confinement of wave packets for the Schrödinger equation with a very singular potential
10.10-10.45 COFFEE
10.45-11.20 A. Fiorenza The decreasing rearrangement of the exponent in variable Lebesgue spaces
11.20-11.55 L. Tello On the multiplicity of stationary solutions of some climate energy balance models.
11.55-12.30 M. Marion Initiation of reaction-diffusion waves of blood coagulation
12.30-13.05 A. El Hamidi On the convergence of alternating minimization methods in variational PGD
13.05-15.00 LUNCH
15.00-15.35 M. Seoane On the piecewise linear approximation of some fourth order elliptic problems
15.35-16.10 A. Mercaldo  New Polya-Szego-type inequalities
16.10-16.30 COFFEE
16.30-17.05 T.A. Shaposhnikova Homogenization of the variational inequalities with nonlinear restrictions on the flow in domains perforated by thin holes with an arbitrary shape:critical case.
17.05-17.40 F. Abergel Differential operators driving free surfaces
17.40-18.15 P. Takac A p(x)-Laplacian Extension of the Dı́az-Saa Inequality and some applications


December 19

Time Speaker Title
9.00-9.30 A. C. Casal Controlled explosions: dynamics after blow-up time for semilinear problems with a dynamic boundary condition
9.30-10.00 J. Hernández Linearized stability for some semilinear non-Lipschiz parabolic problems
10.00-10.30 J.F. Padial Mathematical contributions of J.M. Rakotoson to the  nuclear fusion by using the relative rearrangement
10.30-11.00 J.I. Tello On a parabolic-elliptic chemotaxis system with nonlinear chemotaxis sensitivity