Vol. 15 Num. 1, 2002

Rubén A. HIDALGO A4, A5, S4 and S5 of Schottky type
Alain JACQUEMARD and Marco Antonio TEIXEIRA Effective algebraic geometry and normal forms of reversible mappings
David E. EDMUNDS and Miroslav KRBEC Decomposition and Moser's lemma
On the uniqueness of maximal operators for ergodic flows
Roberto BARRIO and Antonio ELIPE Compression of satellite data
Jesús ARTALEJO and Gennadi FALIN
Standard and retrial queuing systems: a comparative analysis
José María ANCOCHEA BERMÚDEZ and Otto Rutwig CAMPOAMOR On a nilpotent Lie superalgebra which generalizes Qn
Azzouz AWANE, Mohamed BELAM, Sadik FIKRI, Mohammed LAHMOUZ, and Bouchra NAANANI Systèmes hamiltoniens k-symplectiques
 Jorge A. GONZÁLEZ-RAMÍREZ Nodal deformations of singularities
Elisabeth REMM and Michel GOZE Nilpotent control systems
Ángela JIMÉNEZ-CASAS and Aníbal RODRÍGUEZ-BERNAL Asymptotic behavior for a phase field model in higher order Sobolev spaces
Javier SABADELL Elastic wave propagation in parallel: the Huygens' approach
Cornelia SCHIEBOLD Solitons of the sine-Gordon equation coming in clusters